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Mandarin Orange Flavored Subscription

Orange- Citrus mandarine sweet without the sour!
Pop in mouth.
Let crackle till they melt.
Swish around gums with tongue.

5 hours of freshness!

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481 reviews
Fresh mouth

The breathrox was pretty neat, they snap,crackle, and pop. It did the job of making the breath fresh for hours. I’m not a gum chewer so this will always be my go to!

Great Find

I love the crystals and how well they work At freshening my breath.

Great product

I really like this. And it takes away the dryness in my mouth. I was recovering from a sinus infection and my throat started to get very dry and sore and I was worried about bad breath cause my nose was stuffy and I couldn’t smell. Not only did it make my breath fresh it also instantly made my throat feel better cause it took away the dryness

A great Product

The taste of Breathrox is very refreshing and enjoyable when it pops!!! Keeps my breath fresh for hours , I would recommend it to others.

Wow!!!! This is for the Dragon

Excellent and my mouth is feeling and smelling very refreshed. I’m a Cigar smoker. Thanks a lot