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We are currently overhauling our systems to provide you with improved shipping times, more online tools and better order processing. If you need to contact us regarding any of these changes, please call us directly at 1-855-365-2732 or click here to reach us via email. We’re standing by to assist you.


reach us via email at


Call Customer Service at 1-855-365-2732

Convenient Home Delivery

We want you to continue to enjoy Breathrox, so after you receive your first order, we'll offer to continue to ship you a new, full size supply every month at a low price until you cancel. There is absolutely no obligation, so you can cancel anytime by calling or emailing customer service. You can also customize your shipments easily (see below for details).

Customize Your Shipments

After you receive your initial shipment of Breathrox, you can adjust the delivery schedule and contents of your Breathrox shipments at any time. Just tell us how often you would like to receive them and which products you want included. You can cancel or suspend your shipments at any time by contacting customer service at