How it works

Dentist Formulated- Powered by Zinc Gluconate
Bad breath often starts when food and bacteria interact. Bacteria can double its count every 20 minutes. As it propagates, it discharges hydrogen sulfide gas, which is the chemical signature for bad breath.

As a molecule, the hydrogen sulfide has a simple structure that can be destroyed with the right weapon.

Introducing BreathRox™ the fun, functional and popping breath freshener with Zinc.

Zinc instantly neutralizes hydrogen sulfide on contact, taking away its odor.

Sugar-Free BreathROX™ attacks the root cause of bad breath, and neutralizes it in your mouth and esophagus.

Enjoy instant long-lasting freshness with BreathRox™

Unlike other breath freshening products that simply mask the smell of bad breath, only to have it return an hour later, BreathRox™ popping crystals target the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath, destroying it at the source.

Once dissolved, BreathRox™ leaves a fresh scent and clean feel in the mouth that lasts up to 5 hours!

If Freshness and Attractiveness is what you want, choose BreathRox now!”