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They're fun to eat.

I like the pop rocks fun. Breathrox taste nice. However, it doesn't last five hours. Would I purchase again? No. Not at this price.

Very effective breath mints!!

The texture takes me back to my childhood (PopRocks). Delicious taste, effective in killing bad breath and really enjoy these. Will definitely be preserving more! Thanks Breathrox

Peppermint perfection

I loved this product! I plan to order more in the very near future! The pop rocks sensation leaves me with a feeling of nostalgia!

Good product

Breath rox is good, love it! For the prize, wish the container is a bit bigger. Other than that, my breath smelled fresh for couple of hours

Finally a breath of fresh air!

So great to have something to pop in your mouth to give you all the confidence going forward to socialize. When the crystals start to pop, that means its working and it sure does. Reup'd my order.

Cool product

I bought a variety pack, was well packaged and arrived quickly. I have tried the orange flavor and the watermelon. Orange has a bit of an aftertaste. Watermelon is more flavorful. Both, however, leave you're breath feeling fresh for, i would say, several hours.


Very Satisfied with product, will be ordering more, also orange is my fav flavor!

Great company and product!

I placed an order after watching the video. I received the most outgoing thank you email from this company! It even said I could reply to them which most are bots that say the opposite. I received my order within a few days which is rare now days. Love the product and this company. Plus the product really works. They will definitely be getting more orders from me !

Breath of Fresh Air

Really enjoying the Breath Rox. Freshens breath, instantly! Customer service was prompt and easygoing. Pleasant representative and she was knowledgeable to know what I need to know about the product and order process- including tracking of the shipment.

Taste great

I got my Rox... they are yummy! I’d say they last more like 3 hrs. Not 5, but your breath does smell and taste great after!

It's good

So far so good but I don't feel like it last five hours as promised.. It does keep my breath fresh and it refreshing.

It's like pop rocks with fresh breath

I was skeptical at first, but I like to try different things. It's like pop rocks in your mouth, yet freshens your breath in an instant. I took the ultimate test and popped these in after eating dumplings (leek in dumplings make your breath kick). These are amazing, just wish they were bigger bottles. Definitely try these out!


I really like this is one of the best works really good


Do not stalk me about your product

Breath rox

I love the fresh scent when you put several in your mouth. You can hear the popping sounds and those sitting near you can hear the popping also. I think it is fun and works to keep your breath fresh.

Skeptical at first

I thought BreathRox was just another candy breath mint. Boy was I wrong! I brought all three flavors and I have only used the watermelon and it really works for me. I get an extra kick out of the popping sound in my mouth it assures me that its working. Another thing I like is how quickly it dissolves and it leaves your mouth smelling fresh.

I like the it

Thank u i like it n it work

Excelent product!

I love Breathrox the taste is also good! Ill continue having them in my pocket.

Thank you for your feedback! We love our satisfied customers.
Me gustaria probar

Muchas gracias

They are GREAT

My mouth feels so fresh. Just a few grandules is all it takes. Once in morning. 2bd in mid/late afternoon. No lingering after taste either which is nice.


Great product at a great price, works great!! Try it and see, I highly Recommend!!

Fresh breath

I like that it keeps my breath fresh for about 4hours. Awesome!!

Road to awesome smelling breath

Pleasantly surprised with the turn around time, ordered at noon and shipped same day at 3 pm. Definitely will order again !!


My parents loved this product. They aren't able to use it twice a day because it leaves a funny taste in their mouths. But after coffee and such they loved it. I personally haven't really noticed a difference. But I think I'm using to little and I use it right after I brush my teeth. I've noticed a fresher breath once I brush floss use mouth wash and then hours later use it.

Fresher breath

Love the pop rocks effect,very cooling and refreshing.

Works good!

Tastes yummy and works great! :) I felt like it lasted more like 3 hours but still worth it! :)

Great product

Works great .... highly recommend

Breath Rox Rock!!!

I've been using Breath Rox for a few days now, and I have to say they are amazing! Breath feels amazing every time now! Will be ordering again soon!

Great purchase!

This is a wonderful product and just as described! Very happy with my purchase:)


It tatses good. And feels fresh..


Variety Pack- Breath Freshener - SHIPS SAME DAY


This stuff works so good. I couldn't believe it. I took a chance, it it was WELL worth the effort. For anyone that has bad breath, this is the #1 goto quick fix..

Works wonders

Such a great product, they worked as expected, if only they came in a bigger tube!!

No complaint as of now

Good morning actually today was the first time I used them and I must say my mouth feels so fresh and clean!! So far so good!

A Breath of Fresh Air

I just wanted to thank your company for great customer service, and providing a excellent product. Breath Rox is a refreshing product, I really like it.

Very fun!!

I love this product!! The flavor is great, love the popping, and refreshes my mouth:)


Variety Pack - SHIPS SAME DAY

I like them

They are good. Just wish they were a bigger size for the price

Crackle Pop fresh

The breath rocks I purchased from you guys we're very interesting. I love the pop rocks affect and the bread freshening aspect of your products. It was above my expectations and we as a family enjoyed your product. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Variety Pack - SHIPS SAME DAY

Works Great!!!

Kills my Coffee Breath and leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh through out the day. No funny after taste like most breath fresheners.

fresh breath

freshest breath

I can talk to the ladies again!

All hope was lost, even the dentist said GEESH!!! Mayday - Mayday!!!

The POP is amazing!!! But how it freshens your breah is awesome!

BUT, it's not just the popping. I really did feel like my breath was fresher, even more so than using the regular mints, gums or sprays that I have used before. I put these breath fresheners from BreathRox my number 1 choice from now on. Absolutely love them!!!

Good stuff

I got the variety pack and haven't tasted all the flavors yet but I really like the stuff it brings back good memories of Pop Rocks and the fresh breath does last a few hours


my grandfather has the worst breath because hes afraid of getting them done. it knocked the funk out like it was nothing.

New discovery

Your product is fantastic! It works great and it makes me feel like a kid eating pop rocks!

Breath Rox review

Product was awesome and I definitely will purchase more...

Awesome product !

Breath rox product is great for maintaining fresh order less breath all day long, the good tasting flavors are a plus too ! Shopping on site was easy and delivery was fast easy and on time ! Definitely recommend this company and it’s produ

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