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Introducing Sugar-Free BreathRox™ the fun, functional

Zap Bad Breath with the Science of Zinc Powered Popping Crystals

BreathRox™ was formulated to stop bad breath at the source, utilizing the power of zinc which eliminates sulfur gases, preventing bad breath from returning for up to 5 hours! Don’t disguise bad breath germs and gases by using gum or ordinary breath mints. Our exclusive formula neutralizes common bad breath odors such as morning breath, coffee breath, garlic breath and smoker’s breath allowing you to get closer to people with confidence!

Increase Attraction………………The BreathRox™ Experiment

Meet Dr Connelly

Dr Connelly is a celebrity dentist with over 30 years’ experience and the founder of BreathRox™
fresh breath treatment.

With offices in New York and Beverly Hills, and the creative formulator of the viral breath treatment
BreathRox™, Dr. Connelly is helping patients, and freshening breaths across the globe with his
innovation and mastery. His patients have graced the covers of more than 300 magazines
internationally, including Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, and the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Accredited by the American Society of Dental Aesthetics - the most prestigious and selective
credentialing organization in the world for Aesthetic Dentistry - Dr. Connelly is also a Fellow in the
International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics; in fact, Dr. Connelly was nominated into this academy
by the Father of Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Irwin Smigel himself. He received his dental training at the Mayo
Clinic, the University of Detroit Mercy, and Louisiana State University, and has also served as a clinical
professor in two Ivy League schools Harvard University Dental School in Boston, and Columbia School of
Dental Medicine in New York City.

He was also a writer for the internationally renowned Huffington Post, a regular contributor for FOX and
CNN National News, and featured in numerous print and television segments on Cosmetic Dentistry and
Oral Health.

Dr Tom is a frequent guest on HSN (Home Shopping Network) where he presents and educates on the
BreatRox™ brand.

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Our Testimonial

BreathRox™ tastes great and is instantly effective at neutralizing bad breath odors caused by bacteria.

So get close with confidence! Enjoy the fun popping sensation while benefiting from fresh breath.

Don’t wait, try a bottle today to see what all the buzz is about!

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